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Posted in The Narrow Path on June 27, 2013 by RWZero

If I hadn’t told everyone what I now think about everything, and if I weren’t so honest, I could have probably made a substantial profit and an easy living off of evangelical Christians who buy books and listen to music.


Much of the Happiness is Gone from my Life

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I’ve started writing the book that summarizes my thoughts on all this (not the compilation of these essays – those are pretty much finished, rotting on my hard drive as I wait to PDF them).

Last night I spent 5 hours writing just the first three pages, and I fell asleep at 3 AM and went into work late.

I’ll get it done somehow.


Posted in The Facts and Ideas, The Narrow Path on December 6, 2012 by RWZero

This is the tract that someone stuffed into my door a while back. In fact they stuffed one in the door and left one on the windshield, just to make sure I got it.

Kids. Kids burning in hell. A cigar-smoking kid who’s going to hell.

If you can’t grasp the world well enough to realize how this looks to other people, then maybe you can’t grasp the world well enough to realize other things too.


“There are Extremists in Every Religion”

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Dear, non-believing secular humanist with a butterflies-and-roses left-leaning university degree in the humanities, I present you with a choice:

You must upload a Youtube video. In this video, you must show your face, and you must display your full name and address. Then you have to say either…

“F*** JESUS!”



I know which one you’ll choose.

I’m sure your white, anti-colonial professors would be proud.

The Rational Explanation

Posted in The Facts and Ideas, The Narrow Path on November 5, 2012 by RWZero

“There must be a Rational Explanation for this!” says the skeptic.

The believer chides the skeptic for calling anything surprising, new, or unsettling a “non-rational” explanation. It might just be the case that God, or angels, (or ghosts?) are a rational reality, and a rational explanation.

The skeptic replies that we must choose the most likely explanation: a non-supernatural explanation.

The believer replies that there is no way of telling how likely it is that God did a miracle, since that is not something you can calculate. If God exists, then the probability is 100%. If he doesn’t, it’s 0%. But that’s exactly what we’re trying to find out.

The skeptic says that with no proof of God doing miracles, but with plenty of examples of conventional explanations, we should believe the conventional explanation. It’s more likely in our experience.

The believer says that God is real in his experience, so…


It is true, believer, that if something mighty unusual is reported, witnessed or described, then it is worth looking into it instead of doing backflips in an attempt to explain it using “conventional” means. If we did backflips all the time, we’d never discover new things, because we’d always be stuck in the old framework.

But it is not true, believer, that we should believe in something invisible, divine or unconventional if there is a perfectly good, normal, everyday explanation for it. And this is the real problem: almost all of the believer’s claims fall into this category. There is nothing remarkable, nothing unusual, nothing that can’t be explained in ordinary terms.

So we explain those things in ordinary terms. There is nothing willfully blind, nothing sinful, nothing rebellious about that.

All that other Stuff

Posted in The Narrow Path on September 18, 2012 by RWZero

Christians say that “you can be a Christian without [all that stuff you don’t like about Christianity and Christians].”

In the squared brackets you might find anything, from “believing in eternal torture” to “being a prude” to “having to believe in creationism.”

But you know what? You can also give up on religion without [all that stuff you don’t like about atheists and atheism].

Or most of it.