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This was not intended to be a blog, but rather, a writing project. I meant for quite some time to write out a collection of small essays on things I had spent time thinking about as related to the Christian faith. As this segmented format lends itself well to a blog, I figured I might as well make each one of them available, rather than write them all out for myself and lend it to just one or two people.

So that’s what I did. Around the time that I finished writing all of these, I happened to find myself in a particular set of life circumstances that allowed a complete and uninterrupted inquiry into the givens of existence, and it has resulted in my effectively disowning the Christian faith that started all this off. The operative question for me had always been: if Christianity is not true in some way, shape or form, then what is? What can replace it? And my search of the alternatives has left me with nothing. It is obvious to me that people who happily leave Christianity for Atheism, and describe a sense of freedom, have never really thought about Christianity when they were Christians, and never really thought about Atheism before embracing it. I would dare say that they never really thought about anything at all.

That’s just my view. I challenge the optimistic philosophers, and the distracted and well-fed secular humanists, to explain the existence of the pessimists and the failing struggle with nihilism. For all the ridicule heaped on religious believers for wishful thinking, the irony is piled sky-high by the lazy and optimistic philosophies of the atheists who do the ridiculing. Do they really think such people who have thought extensively upon such things wish to be terrified and made so miserable by their own views? Or does their logic and reason not show them the obvious–that they have every motivation in the world to delude themselves, and that they have successfully done so?

We all need a religion. We all need illusions. Some are just lucky enough to have ones that contradict no obvious facts.


3 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I’m hoping you’ll try to publish the collection as a small book or perhaps collection of booklets. IV press does that sort of thing, don’t they? I have plans to dig back through the records and read the rest of what you’ve already done, but it may take me awhile… a book would be more accessible, especially for re-reads.

  2. I find the summary for the purpose of this blog very interesting. I too have spent a lifetime examining and studying whether Christianity or any other religion, including atheism, is true. I’ve studied extensively on the theory of evolution as well as many other religions. My studies have led me to the opposite conclusion from yours. I reject atheism and agnosticism and believe Christianity is the only true religion. I look forward to reading many of the topics on your blog and examining them.

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