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Investigations into the Paranormal – On My New Book

Posted in Uncategorized on December 20, 2016 by RWZero

After I more or less finished the mental task represented by this blog, the next chapter in my life–literally, as I insufferably leave a trail of written words behind me wherever I go–was to investigate the paranormal. This all started more than 5 years ago, and at the beginning, I did it because I still wanted to know whether there was anything out there. And I wrote all my investigations, research and conclusions into a book. In the end, it contains 23 cases of true stories about people’s experiences (or what they claimed were their experiences) with the paranormal, as well as a general review of the subject in light of them.

I documented my investigations and made them into a book, because that’s what I do. But as the project dragged on and on, I began to think that maybe I ought to try to publish this one, instead of binding it on a Rubicoil and leaving it on my shelf.

And that’s a bit of a dangerous mental transition. It’s nice to have books in your back pocket that you wrote for yourself. It doesn’t matter who reads them. But once you wake up and realize you’ve put this much effort into distilling something into book form, you realize that it kind of does matter who reads them (and that you can’t really guarantee that anyone will). You have to humble yourself before those obnoxious literary types, and ask yourself: do I have a platform? Have I sounded the depths of the masses’ taste for… whatever it is?

Anyway. This was supposed to take a year. It took 5 years.

If you want a PDF of the book, I’ll post it here shortly. But on the condition that you have to show your friends.