“Not Like those Other Christians”

The argument:

“You can’t use what Christians do as evidence against Christianity, because Christians are just fallible humans. Only the Bible really represents the Bible.”

The problem with it:

A) The actions and beliefs of Christians are based on sincere interpretations of the Bible

B) Sincere seekers of the Christian God should not be led into serious error as a direct result of believing in and reading the Bible, unless the Christian God is false.

C) Christian behaviour is often used to support Christianity (“look how it changed my life!”) but when it does not support Christianity we are supposed to discount it.


If a book / belief system leads millions of people to do and say the exact same crazy / incorrect / mistaken things, then it is fair to weigh this evidence when deciding whether the book / belief system is really a calculated revelation from the Almighty Creator of All Things.


7 Responses to ““Not Like those Other Christians””

  1. I was informed today that any interpretation apart from the authority of the Roman Catholic Church is incorrect and untrustworthy. Only the Catholic Church has the authority to tell a Christian what to believe.

  2. If you argue that a certain belief or behaviour is crazy, then the Christians who agree that it’s crazy will use the “Those Other Christians” defence and escape. And the ones who believe it don’t think it’s crazy so they will just defend it. Nobody ends up having to acknowledge that the Bible made someone do something crazy.

  3. I’m in complete agreement with you. I was supporting your point. “Those Other Christians” are typically dismissed as not really being Christian at all.

  4. Yeah I was just ranting further.

  5. Quite frustrating, isn’t it?

  6. Even more so when they keep regurgitating the same tired apologetics with no support or citations at all over and over again.

  7. I think what I hate most is having to deal with all of them at the same time. Sort it out amongst yourselves and then give me just one (or two, or even three) “interpretations” to deal with. Instead they leave each other alone and count each other’s numbers as a testament to their strength, and then throw each other under the bus in arguments with unbelieving folks.

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