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All that other Stuff

Posted in The Narrow Path on September 18, 2012 by RWZero

Christians say that “you can be a Christian without [all that stuff you don’t like about Christianity and Christians].”

In the squared brackets you might find anything, from “believing in eternal torture” to “being a prude” to “having to believe in creationism.”

But you know what? You can also give up on religion without [all that stuff you don’t like about atheists and atheism].

Or most of it.


The Muslims…

Posted in The Facts and Ideas on September 17, 2012 by RWZero

Are burning things again, because of a video that’s offensive to them.

Somewhere, spineless white people are writing about how maybe nobody should have criticized their religion, how we shouldn’t “stereotype” them, or some other BS.

Who’s stereotyping, again?┬áPeople are dying and things are burning because of a low-budget video that allegedly originated in America.



Posted in The Narrow Path on September 13, 2012 by RWZero

Onlookers sometimes express astonishment that there are all these intelligent, well-dressed people who go to church on Sunday and let ancient religions dictate how they feel about their business practices, their personal lives, and so on. It seems improbable, and it seems inconsistent.

But people are busy. You know, you have an engineer to take care of the engineering, a scientist to take care of the science-ing, a barber to cut your hair, and a rabbi or a priest to take care of religion. For some people, trying to sort through that mess is like trying to cut your own hair.


Posted in The Facts and Ideas on September 3, 2012 by RWZero

I encountered some more unique views. And I thought to myself:

If any interpretation, publication, sermon or sect can be excused as the product of “misguided” or “fallible” people…

Then where’s the stuff that isn’t the work of misguided and fallible people?