The Plan from Here

So. What should I do…

For a while now I’ve been writing posts on here intermittently, as things have come to mind. Most of them can be divided into: complaining about Christianity, or complaining about the way certain atheists complain about Christianity. A small trickle of people still read the blog, but it looks like they mostly come across it in search results, rather than because of anything new that gets posted. Nobody comes here to argue with me–they scarcely ever did, neither when I was defending Christianity nor when I was attacking it. I am likely to repeat myself if I post stray comments. So it’s time to stop the way I’m doing it right now.

I’ll stop posting generic objections to Christian beliefs. I am compiling pretty much all the issues into a little book that I will post at some point–yes, there are a lot of books detailing the objections to Christianity, but there are a lot of small, more subtle objections that those books tend to overlook. And whatever: this has been my life, so I get to write about it. I’ve posted about some of these issues here; others I haven’t. There are a lot of them. I am imagining that it will be about 70, 80, maybe 100 pages in the end, with one disconfirmatory observation per page.

The other little book that I intended to post was the original writing project–this blog was supposed to be the chapter-by-chapter writing of a book in defence of the Christian faith called “Reflections in Stained Glass,” comprising about 100 essays defending the key aspects of the faith. As the reader may or may not be aware, I wrote these, I got to the end of them, and found (around that time, for reasons that were not entirely related to writing my thoughts down) that the ideas could not stand up under their own weight. I went back and revised all these essays (there are nearly 100 of them) and changed the thinking to match my current perspective. The intent, now, is to finish up a compilation that has the “before” essays in the first half, and the “after” essays in the second half. The purpose is to document and show the change in my beliefs, and to compare the “before” thinking with the “after” thinking–one of the most noticeable things about it is that my essays have not changed very much. So the “before” essays are a picture of someone who has been pushed just to the edge of the line.

I’ve already revised all the RISG essays; I just have to compile them.

I have not written the “Problems with Christianity” compilation; that will probably be a while, and few / no people currently reading this will come back to this corner of the Internet to see if I’ve posted it. Such things are a dime a dozen.


Christianity continues to affect my life, and it continues to affect the world. As such, I will continue to write posts on here about the following topics (for now):

1. Things that affect my life. For instance, someone shoved two Bible tracts into my car the other week, depicting children burning in hell. I was going to scan them and talk about them for a bit.

2. Things that happen in the world at large. For instance, religiosity is declining in some parts of the world, laws are being changed, Muslims are moving into new places…

3. Things that happen in the Christian world. Books that I read, prominent evangelicals who die or change their minds about things, where the movement is headed on its path towards its final destiny.

The only other things I will post are the two compilations mentioned above. Furthermore, I was at some point considering writing a book called “The Lonely Pulpit,” which was going to be a review of churches that I visited. I may still do this, even though it will no longer be from the same perspective. It would be a good survey of the state of churches (at least in my city) today. However, perhaps this would be better as a separate blog. Ship of Fools once had something called “Mystery Worshipper,” which was based on a similar idea.

That’s what happens next.


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  1. Christine Says:

    Oh, mystery worshipper is still going strong:

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