Snake Handling

West Virginia pentecostal pastor dies during a snake-handling ritual. When he was younger, his dad also died… during a snake-handling ritual. Furthermore, Mark 16:9-20 is a dubious, late addition to the original text.

It’s like an American reality TV show where the objective is to die in the least excusable way.


One Response to “Snake Handling”

  1. It really is ridiculous. The thing is these people don’t believe that Mark 16:9-20 or any other text in the Bible is dubious at all. They believe it all to be literally true from the first word of Genesis to the last word of Revelation. Instead of living in the constant state of cognitive dissonance that some like, say, myself would they “live out their faith”. What should this teach them? That the things written there aren’t true. Instead it will only teach them that this pentecostal pastor just lacked faith.

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