Alien Jesus

Continuing the thought from below: what about Jesus? Jesus was a man. Sure, you can say whatever you like about him, but he had human DNA; he was biologically descended from earlier forms of life on planet earth (right; I suppose there is that whole thing about the virgin birth–but folks, think about it for a minute. Jesus had to have DNA because he was a human. That means he had to have all his chromosomes, and he had to have a Y chromosome. If Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, that means God stitched together a lot of DNA from scratch … did he re-add all those odd things that we find in human DNA? Was all the junk DNA in there? Could Jesus synthesize vitamin C, or did he have the broken GULO gene that’s shared with primates? Anyway…).

What I’m trying to say here is that Jesus was a human being on planet earth, and if God isn’t insane (thus, he created life somewhere else in this absurdly large vacuum), now it’s the case that GOD took on HUMAN form. So what are the aliens supposed to think about this? Either:

[A] They got their own alien incarnation of God

[B] Human Jesus is the only incarnation of God to exist in the universe

But then:

[A] Which incarnation of God are we supposed to worship when we meet the aliens? How would we tell if they’re even the same God? Why would we believe aliens telling us that they also have an incarnation of the one true God? There is no chance of any of their history or traditions being the same.

[B] That’s kind of lucky, don’t you think? That God just happened to pick your planet? How would Christians feel if aliens arrived tomorrow and said: “humans, you’ve been in the dark for thousands of years and all your religions are wrong. God came to our planet in the form of one of our people many years ago, and he has the truth. He has only ever come to our planet. Now you must worship him.”

You’d be like, yeah RIGHT aliens. What a coincidence that God only came to your planet, in the form of one of your own race… and left the rest of the universe in the dark.


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