Humans in the Cosmos

One of the harder theological questions, in my opinion, is what Christians are supposed to think about aliens. I say it’s one of the harder questions for Christians not because it’s more difficult to answer, but because it’s so in-your-face. The universe is gigantic; no English word for “big” will appropriately describe how much stuff is out there. The way I see it, you can believe one of two things:

[A] The universe was intentionally created by a personal, transcendent being, and there are lots of other life forms out there

[B] The universe was not created for a distinct purpose by a personal, transcendent being, but we happen to be the only ones here

However, you can’t believe:

[C] The universe was created by a personal, transcendent being, and we are the only ones here.

Because what is this transcendent being smoking? (In case you forgot ->

Has he lost his mind?


2 Responses to “Humans in the Cosmos”

  1. Wabasso Says:

    I’m not following why [C] is not possible. It seems absurd, but why do you get to assume that God’s logic works anything like ours? He let 4chan happen, for example. I wouldn’t put it past him to create the universe (which is apparently infinite in extent) and as a practical joke, create earth and humanity at some arbitrary point.

  2. I didn’t say it was impossible. I think 4Chan is evidence against the existence of a personal God, but anyway…

    I am just arguing that there’s no reason to believe [C], it doesn’t make sense, and in the Christian conception of God he doesn’t joke around or lack the basic characteristic of doing things for reasons (stop that–I still refuse to accept this infinite in extent thing). Christians have occasionally written little speculative pieces about how they’d deal with the possibility of aliens, so I was just building up to the problems with that.

    However there is still no explanation for the lifeless expanse of rocks out there if you’re a creationist. If you believe in [cosmic] evolution, and you just say that God had to make the universe this big in order to get life to arise somewhere in it… then I am drawing attention to that. If you can create any state of affairs you wish, being forced to create a whole universe to achieve your result is a bit of an engineering embarrassment.

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