Telling Things as they Are

I have a profile on an online dating site (hint: it’s a free one). I was contacted by a hot girl of Indian descent, who expressed some interest. After a little bit of banter, and noticing that she was a PhD student who I hoped would be somewhat rational, I confessed something I don’t often admit to people. I confessed that I am mostly just (physically) attracted to people who are the same ethnicity as I am. I wanted to see what she would say–it has not been easy for me, living in Toronto, and mostly being attracted to white people. We are practically a minority here.

The response? Not only did she call me closed-minded and “racist,” but she noticed that my profile name was a nonsense German compound word, and she said that this didn’t help my case for not being a white supremacist. In response, I told her that she was the one who was prejudiced, and if she would like to teach me how to change my physical desires, I’d gladly volunteer–hopefully she could also teach my gay friend to be attracted to women. I also called her an idiot and told her that her PhD obviously wasn’t doing her any good.

You see, this is something I always liked about Christians. They weren’t afraid of that shit. They tell it like it is: no political correctness, no tolerance, no irrational compromise between their premises and their conclusions. For instance, God said homosexuality was wrong, so when liberal societal authorities demand that you not only tolerate gay people but approve of gay sexual behaviour, Christians said “no; we won’t approve because we believe God’s law says it’s wrong, and you clearly don’t understand the concept of tolerance.” I think Christians are mistaken about this, but it is only their fundamental premises that I find faulty–when it comes to seeing the obvious and standing up for the logical conclusions of their existing beliefs, I am forced to give evangelical Christians top marks. It is one reason I found it so hard to let go of them.

Unless liberal, secular society learns to debug its absurdities, it will have image problems with people who can see the plain and obvious. You do not call a man “racist” because his penis tends to automatically respond primarily to women who are the same colour as him. You do not call people white supremacists because they are half German and enjoy the German language. You do not call people homophobic or bigoted simply because they believe God created man and woman with the moral expectation that they exclusively mate with the opposite gender (even if they are incorrect about this belief). Racism is consciously choosing to devalue people based on race. Homophobia and bigotry is consciously treating homosexual people badly–not having a theological opinion about the act of gay sex.

Convicting people of thought crime for not liking the same things as you–this is a borderline totalitarian sentiment. The secular values that are permeating society, today, demand on pain of moral censure that you feel the same way they do about everything. It is not enough just to tolerate it. Oddly enough, this is an almost religious sentiment. The “racism” example I wrote about here has nothing to do with religion, but it is an extreme extension of the attitudes towards religion that are also displayed by this liberal secularism, and I think it will be a crippling barrier to the advance of secular thought (or rational thought, rather; I am not necessarily in favour of “secularization”) so long as people fail to realize how absurd it has become, and how repulsive the attitude is to religious people. And you see, it is all related: considering that a lot of the Christians holding up the boat are feisty white conservatives, these (flawed) white-hating attitudes will do nothing to win them over.


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