A very good friend of mine’s cousin fell and died this week. My friend was very close to his cousin.

I attended the funeral. The cousin was a partying guy–he made a lot of money, he drove a Lexus, he was looked upon as a bit of a wayward soul by his family.

It was an evangelical funeral. The pastor preached a sermon, and in the sermon he implied that perhaps God took (killed) my friend’s cousin to save him from a greater evil further down the road (i.e. , God killed him so that he wouldn’t stray so far that he would go to hell, since God can kill people but presumably cannot keep people from straying). He also said that we all deserve to be struck dead by God as soon as we sin, so the question is not why my friend’s cousin is dead, but why we are all still alive.

So I went home later in the day, and I wrote up a statement that will be read at my funeral, if I die ahead of my time.


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