Being Muslim

I don’t have a very high view of Islam. I also tend to imagine, to myself, that they’re missing out on quite a bit.

But that’s from my perspective. Just think about what it must be like to BE a Muslim, thinking that people like me are wrong. I was in Turkey (I’ve also been to Jordan but primarily I’m thinking of Turkey) and as I walked around taking in the vibe of the place, I couldn’t help thinking that it must feel way more awesome to be a Muslim in Turkey than it feels to have no religion in Toronto.

And they’ve shown that having religion does, indeed, help you if and only if your religion matches the surrounding people’s beliefs and culture. By “help,” I mean “make you happier.” For all you folks who would respond “the point is not to be happy” I would respond that if indeed it’s better to be (whatever) than happy, then you’d be happy if you were (whatever). Like John Stuart Mill implies in “Utilitarianism,” you can’t really escape it.

Visiting Turkey is good no matter what your religion is, though. I highly recommend it.


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