Gay Marriage. Obama. Gays.

So Obama voices support for gay marriage.

A man opens his mouth and speaks words affirming that he believes human beings of the same gender should be permitted to apply a certain legal title to their romantic relationship that has emotional connotations for other people who live in the country.

As a result, polls will shift rapidly, and it is possible that the economic future–ah, what am I saying–THE Future of the United States of America (and by association the rest of the world) will change dramatically (for better or for worse) according to who is elected. All because  of the passion surrounding what we legally call two in-love gays.


When I was a teenager, I was about as anti-gay as you can be without getting arrested under Canada’s hate laws. I joked about “burning the gays” and ranted about how “disgusting” gays were–so much so that my austere Korean youth pastor gave me a talking-to on several occasions (which is typical church stuff; they teach you something, and they get nervous and spank you when you follow it to its natural conclusion). Then I met some people who were gay, and I realized that they didn’t choose to be gay and had tried very hard to “pray the gay away” throughout their lives. Which basically meant that I had been lied to. Eventually I accepted that it didn’t make sense for God to create gay people and punish them for their gayness (but I guess if you’ve got no problem with God creating sinful-natured people and punishing them for their sinful nature, this all makes perfect sense). I am straight, and I don’t get a big smile on my face when I think about acts of gayness (well, man-gayness anyway), and naturally I am a little bit put off by the thought of it, but that is quite different from executing moral judgement on people who seem to have done nothing to choose it.

Dear Americans: as a Canadian, I’d like to tell you something that you’ll probably find disappointing. We full-out legalized gay marriage in this country, and since that time the country has become no more–and no less–gay than it was before it was legalized. The mercury in the gayometer has been holding perfectly steady. There are no gay people running up and down the streets in dual suits or wedding dresses. There is no pink rice lying around. I cannot recall meeting a single gay couple, of whom I could have the opportunity to think “they wouldn’t have been strutting around married if that law hadn’t passed.” The pride parade happens every year just like it used to. The only difference is that somewhere out there, behind a bunch of closed doors, homosexual people are happier than they used to be. And I say, what a shame that is. We ought to make our political decisions (which, due to the current state of the global financial system, have the capacity to steer the rudder of the entire planet earth) based on how we feel about that.


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