God’s Unreasonableness

A question that often comes up is why God is so unreasonable.

You know. Why does he send people to hell for 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 +++ years for not believing he existed during their ~75 year lifespan, or during a much shorter lifespan in which they die prematurely. Moreover, why does he predestine this. Why is that worth it, anyway. Why did he command people to cut up pigeons and sprinkle blood all over the place, lest they face his wrath. Why so unreasonable?

The only answer to this is “God’s ways are above our ways,” or “God’s sense of reason offends our merely human sense of reason.” OK. So I’m looking for an answer to two questions that I never got an answer to as a Christian, and now, not being a Christian, still haven’t heard any answers to:

1. Why do God’s “higher ways” just happen to coincide with humanity’s lower ways?

I cannot overstate this. Why do God’s “higher ways” that we “can’t understand” just happen to coincide with the barbaric ways that ancient people did understand, but now we don’t. This is kind of like a sandwich, with human barbaric ways at the bottom, us in the middle, and God’s higher ways at the top–except that the top and the bottom match.

2. Why didn’t God just create us with a sense of reason that matched his higher ways? I mean, I suppose he did (see point 1), right, but why didn’t he make it so that the more we thought about things, and the more we reasoned and examined his creation, and the better we tried to be… the more reasonable his ways become? Instead, he gave us all minds that find his mind absurd, cruel and unjust, and increasingly so upon reflection.


One Response to “God’s Unreasonableness”

  1. Wabasso Says:

    Stockholm syndrome

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