Making fun of Religion

I haven’t necessarily come to advocate making fun of Christians. But I think some Christian beliefs, and some expansion-pack Christian beliefs (like creationism) should be made fun of constantly. Incessantly. Without mercy.

Making fun of people is sometimes the only way to get them to think about their points of view. When you speak seriously to someone with these opinions, they have already achieved their goal–you are taking them seriously. As long as their view has some chance of being true, no matter how remote, they are satisfied. Speaking seriously provides this, and so the content of the argument is irrelevant. Making fun of people, however, implies *no* allowance for their position being taken seriously, and it forces people to think not just about whether it’s true… but about why anyone should consider the possibility of it being true.

Some of the most serious consideration that I gave to my faith was when I ran across blasphemous cartoons and websites on the Internet that openly mocked my beliefs.

And I think that South Park episode making fun of Mormonism is a lot more illustrative than a calm presentation of all the problems with Mormonism.


One Response to “Making fun of Religion”

  1. That South Park episode is fantastic, as is the phrase “expansion-pack Christian beliefs”.

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