The Accident of Birth Argument

The rebuttal to the accident of birth argument that Dinesh D’Souza makes here is flawed, and here’s why: the theory of evolution does not punish people who are accidentally born into creationist families. It’s just a blind fact, and it doesn’t count against the truth of evolution that evolution is a blind fact that doesn’t care what you believe.

God, however, is not a blind fact. God supposedly (intentionally) creates all these people who are born into Muslim families, and he requires of them that they believe Christianity, full well knowing that most of them will remain Muslims directly because of their upbringing. Then he burns them in hell for not believing in Jesus. Moreover, he saves a whole bunch of Christians who were only Christians because they were raised as Christians. This makes no sense. Hence, the accident of birth argument.

“But I made my faith my own

The reason you were thinking about making this faith your own in the first place is because you were given a huge reason to think about making it your own (that is, being raised with it).  So being raised Christian and making your faith your own is just the same thing as being accidentally born Christian. As I’ve said before, it is a lot easier to find reasons to keep on believing what you already believe than to accept it from scratch. Converting strangers has a sketchy success rate, whereas home-grown Christians “making their faith their own” has about a 100% success rate (even in people like me).


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