The Argument-Driven Life

Probably one of my greatest motivations for criticizing Christianity, I admit, is that it gives me something to do, and it gives me something to believe in.

It’s ironic. If all the Christians packed up and left earth tomorrow, I would have to start wondering about the truth again. Last time I tried that, it did not work out so well, and I have actually found it helpful to define myself (in part) as an opponent of something that I have found not to be the truth.

I apologize if I am hurting the “cause” of any atheists out there. But not to admit this would be intellectual dishonesty. The presence of religion in our world is a tremendous “task,” it’s a wonderful opportunity for a persecution complex, visions of a “rational” future, and a whole lot of people to show off for. If we succeed in getting rid of it, secularism will cease to exist and there will be no more atheists, because there will be no theists to stick an “a” in front of.

I wonder if Christians have ever had this same thought: what if they had succeeded in converting every last soul? Would they all sit around and wait for Jesus to take them away? What would they become impassioned about? With no battles to fight, I imagine they would really have to take a closer look inside.

We all need something to do–and we also need something to be sure of.


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