Who are you, O Man, to Question God?

If I say “a loving God would never torture people in hell for eternity,” and you say:

“Who are you to say what God would do? Do you realize how arrogant you are, to think your morals are higher than God’s morals?”

Then you have made a mistake.

The Christian’s Reasoning

1. God decided that it’s moral to send people to hell forever

2. This guy thinks it’s immoral to send people to hell forever

3. This guy thinks he’s morally superior to God

What’s Really Going On

1. If there’s a God, he probably endowed us with logic and our sense of morality.

2. There is a story about a God who sends people to hell forever.

3. That seems morally absurd and it sounds like something that people with primitive moral sense would come up with.

4. This God probably isn’t the real God, and he probably was invented by people who did not have a very well-developed moral sense.

These are two completely different things. It isn’t that hard to understand.


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