“You always criticize everything!”

Some people are overly critical. They pick everything apart, demand excessive levels of proof for a limited human being, dismiss evidence against their position without a second thought, and so on.

But some people are overly wrong. Pretty much everything they say needs to be criticized, because it’s plainly ridiculous, contradictory, logically impossible, selectively compiled, and so on.

It can be hard to tell the difference sometimes. We shouldn’t try to prove that this scenario “usually” means one thing or the other–we should just remember that a hailstorm of constant criticism is not, in and of itself, grounds for believing that you are facing off with an obstinate or closed-minded person. It just raises the stakes.

Since beginning to debate against Christians (it will take a while before I catch up to how much arguing I did for them), I’ve gotten this a couple times: “you can’t be convinced by anything I say anyway. You’re just blind to the truth. You think I’m illogical and wrong and so on, but you just don’t have a relationship with God like I do. Why can’t you just accept…”

The difference between right people and wrong people is that right people give reasons for things they say. Wrong people restate the situation, and merely express the frustration that would be warranted, were their position correct.


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