Godisimaginary.com – (“Proofs” 21-25)

Proof 21: Understand Jesus’ Core Message

This argument against Christianity is absolutely essential. It argues that Jesus’ core message is utterly silly: he loves you, but if you don’t drink his blood and eat his flesh and worship him you will be tortured in the fires of hell for all eternity.

I’m not just writing these critiques to balance the scales and attack New Atheism (as I do once every few months). I’m writing these so that you (if you’re a Christian) have to think about these points.

The central message of Christianity is that if you don’t worship Jesus, you burn in hell. It’s ridiculous. Think about that. I don’t know how I failed to think about it for so many years. I really have no idea; I think the best thing I was able to do was say to myself, “well, when you listen to how unbelieving people talk about Jesus, that really reminds you that they do deserve to be judged–they aren’t innocent after all.” But this is circular. Why shouldn’t they talk about Jesus like that? Why should they burn for disrespecting Jesus if they don’t believe he’s God?

The emperor has no clothes. You want to tell me that the central message of Christianity is “not about hell” and that it’s about all sorts of other crap. OK, so when it’s over and you’re in heaven and everyone’s burning in hell, where are you going to get off saying that it’s “not the central message?” Listening to Christians try to talk about how hell shouldn’t be the “focus” of Christianity is one of the most laughable and absurd things I have to put up with in life. It makes me want to smack them in the face. One day I will.


“You just smacked me in the face!!!”

“You didn’t believe in my arguments”

“That doesn’t give you the right to smack you in the face!”

“Look, I don’t think this is the central point of our relationship. That’s not what this relationship is about.”


“You did it again! I’m having you charged with assault!”

“I think you’re really drawing too much attention to this aspect of my character”

Proof 22: Count all the People God Wants to Murder

The argument summarizes the draconian nature of Old Testament justice. The Christian response is to just ignore the Old Testament wherever convenient, talk about the “New Covanent,” etc. so I won’t spend any time on this.

Proof 23: Listen to the Doxology

The argument is that God would not distribute his blessings the way that blessings are actually distributed in the world. The Bible does not make any clear claims that God would give good things to Christians, in fact it is clear that while humans are alive on earth, anything goes (for some reason). He sends his rain on the righteous and the wicked. Christians will be persecuted and martyred. Yada, yada yada.

So this argument doesn’t really work, the way it’s framed. Do I think it’s silly to believe in a God who would intentionally set things up this way, based on the way his purposes are defined in the Bible? Yes. But that’s not the argument made here.

Proof 24: Ask why religion causes so many problems

This has to be one of the greediest (worst) arguments so far.

Religion does cause some problems. Unfortunately, none of them are listed here.

I was a pretty happy Christian. The Christians I knew were pretty happy. We were a wonderful little community, and the only price was a bit of unusual rationalization to explain our place in society (and some things in the Bible that cropped up now and again). All sorts of studies have shown the positive personal benefits of having these beliefs.

You have to be either stupid or uninformed to think that the evidence unilaterally shows that religion is bad for the individual.

Proof 25: Understand evolution and abiogenesis

This is just a list of unjustified metaphysical assumptions paraded as necessary consequences of the facts.

A tie with the above for worst “Proof” so far.

If I spend more than a few minutes writing about this one I will waste a lot of time, so it’s a good time to stop.



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