This is a site that attempts to convince its readers that God is imaginary; specifically, it makes the case that the Christian God is imaginary.

It is one of the more to-the-point, simple, atheist cases on the Internet, so over the next few days I will be writing a critique and commentary on it. The site is split into 50 primary “proofs” that God is imaginary, so I will address each one. Since I agree with many (but not all) of the points they make, it will not be a verbose exercise.

The purpose of this review is to make distinctions between present-day mainstream atheist positions that I believe are either:

A) Correct

B) Mistaken

C) Potentially correct, but unhelpful

Since Godisimaginary.com is a clear representation of the beliefs of many atheists, especially those found on the Internet, I do not have to worry that “I have atheists all wrong” (as Christians often say about themselves), since even if these views do not belong to all atheists, they belong to enough atheists that it is worth scrutinizing them.


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