Personal God

Arguing about whether there exists a personal God seems patently contradictory to me.

When I pray, nothing unusual happens. I can’t see, touch, feel, hear or taste God. Even people who believe that God is intimately involved in their lives do not claim that he speaks aloud, or unambiguously reveals his presence. So what’s to argue about? That is not being personal. Therefore, there is no personal God.

It is like asking “Are you certain of something uncertain?” If there were a personal God, we would never debate whether there is a personal God.

Saying that you have an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus seems very odd, on reflection. It is almost like being a stalker. You find a couple biographies of the person, travel to the place where the person allegedly used to live, hang pictures of the person up on your wall, and write love songs to the person in your spare time. Every night you write fan letters to him. When asked if you’ve ever met him or had a conversation with him, you admit that you haven’t, but a friend swears he said something on the phone to her once (he said her name, on the phone!) which means he must be getting her letters, and therefore he must be getting your letters too.


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