I only recently found out that the latest evidence indicates that the universe is most likely flat – that is, that it’s not curved or “closed,” hence, it is infinite in extent.

Infinite in extent.

I hate this idea. I am going to be upset for weeks.


4 Responses to “Universe”

  1. Finite wouldn’t have been much better. You’d still be asking what’s outside. Or why that particular amount of universe.

  2. Not quite, for me. There isn’t anything outside because it’s not “floating inside” anything; all space just curves back in and closes on itself. I can almost handle that. Furthermore, the amount of universe would be directly related to gravitation, or something…

    And finally, unanswered questions are not my problem. My problem is the idea that the damn thing goes on forever out there.

    • Yeah, it’s mind boggling. Math goes to infinity all the time, but I still can’t deal with physics doing it.

  3. If this is true, then you and I are nothing. If you divide us by the universe, you don’t even get a number; you get a limit as you approach absolutely nothing.

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