Double Standards

There are a lot of double standards out there that tend to seep into the Christian worldview. This Youtuber has already done the work of compiling a lot of them. He uses the word “atheist,” but I think it applies to anyone who isn’t a Christian.

“Oh, that’s not how *I* view…”

Look, the reason I know that these are accurate is because I was a part of this. I saw things this way. Maybe not all of the examples, and maybe never in a way that I openly admitted to myself, but the attitudes are pervasive enough that I was able to find them in a multitude of books, sermons, conferences and social mixers. I did not get my impressions from a different source as the guy who made this video. It’s the same source.

The point isn’t that one of these views is right; the point is that one must pick and stick.


2 Responses to “Double Standards”

  1. These Darkmatter2525 videos are actually pretty entertaining…

  2. They entertained me enough that I watched them all. I think he is fair and covers his bases when he makes criticisms.

    That “Fratricide” one hit a little too close to home. I’ve done precisely that in the past.

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