Religion and Money

I never understood this one. Aside from obvious problems like Benny Hinn and corrupt or fanatical ministries, Christians have always seemed to do pretty good things with money and I have never felt that they were abusing religion to get it (in present day). So I don’t support this critique.

In fact I was almost always mad that many Christians were intentionally lazy and refused to earn more money or support themselves adequately.


2 Responses to “Religion and Money”

  1. What’s the original thought you’re responding to? That religions shouldn’t be asking for money? The first paragraph seems to disagree with the second. The Christian religion handles money well, but individual Christians tend not to?

  2. Sorry; this post is a response to the common criticism that:

    “Christians are out to get your money. They make you feel guilty and then pass the plate for your cash. Religion is a business.”

    I don’t see this at all–except in specific cases that should be obvious to people.

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