The Christ Myth Theory is Bullshit

I can’t stand hearing about this.

It’s almost as bad as creationism (but not quite as bad).

Stop making the problem worse, you sensationalist, teenaged, Internet-based atheists.

You’re never going to convince anyone that you’re right about anything else if you keep throwing Christians bones like this. Read about it. Read the *actual* sources and see whether these “similarities” between Jesus and ancient mythological figures *actually* line up. It’s worse than trying to make Old Testament prophecies line up with modern events–and the teenagers at the Rational Response Squad wonder why more Christians aren’t licking their boots. Just unbelievable.  It displays all the exact traits of intellectual dishonesty and stupidity that Christians get accused of themselves. They relish it when you make these kinds of mistakes.

Bill Maher mentioned this idea in Religulous–I hope somebody slapped some sense into him for that. I hope someone canes Brian Flemming and Tom Harpur with scroll rollers. It’s nonsense. You point out that scientists overwhelmingly agree about evolution, and you expect people to take that point seriously (because you’re right; they should). Well, scholars overwhelmingly agree about this. If that doesn’t matter to you, you are no better than a creationist.

There is no reason, outside of bias, to believe that the whole Jesus movement sprung up with no Jesus. Without a man who walked around in the sand and got crucified under Pontius Pilate. Paul is riding around in 50-55 AD writing letters to people, very many of them within living memory of this supposed guy who had a following and died a public death. But hush, the secret is… there was no Jesus. We made it up. The disciples went out and got themselves killed. It’s like my parents being devoted to a movement over a guy who they knew in our neighbourhood when I was seven years old, who SURPRISE, didn’t actually EXIST.

Yes, atheists are right: the “die for a lie” argument fails because people really do “die for a lie.” But they don’t die for lies on PURPOSE.

It’s not at all like a cluster of islanders talking about a mythical U.S. Navy officer who reputedly appeared out of nowhere as a “spirit vision” for an unspecified period of time, saying things that no Navy officer would say or believe, with no recorded place of origin, family, followers, trial, or death under a historically verified prefect after an itinerant ministry allegedly lasting *years*.

There is no reason for a non-scholar–with no special intimate knowledge beyond what’s available to me–to believe that Jesus never existed, except to emotionally provoke Christians, flatter oneself with refined notions of “skepticism,” and fabricate a needless excess of certainty that Christianity is wrong.

Jesus was almost certainly a man. He was born, he walked around, and he was killed. If Jesus bothers you enough that you need to magick him out of history, you should keep that to yourself. I can just imagine how that looks to Christians. They’ll have a field day over that.


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