Erasing Hell

I just read a book called “Erasing Hell.” It’s a standard, run-of-the-mill evangelical book with a sleek cover and a short read time.

Let me tell you: this book completely restored my confidence that I’ve made the right decision in rejecting this madness.

I would give this book to people in order to convince them of my point of view.


3 Responses to “Erasing Hell”

  1. Assuming one could have a conversation with an evangelical that would lead to the rejection of their faith, do you think it is ethical to do so? I feel like I should have a backup anchor for them when they realise that what kept them going is nonsense. I suppose I could just offer insights into what keeps me happy, but I’m less clear on that than I am on being non-Christian.

  2. I don’t like the word “ethics.” I’m used to using the word “moral” which means you’re *actually* right or wrong to do something (not just that I think you are).

    But I guess I’m on shaky ground using it now, aren’t I.

    I think (like many things) that it depends. I think that you should promote the truth–and all arguments that rely on valid facts promote truth, even if the interpretations are skewed–HOWEVER I do not believe in hurting people for no reason.

    I see a lot of atheists attempting to shred the Christian faith on the Internet, and not only does this not work, it disturbs and troubles people. If I knew those atheists personally, I suspect that I could find words that would make them feel the same way, without telling any lies.

    I believe in honesty and facts over emotions, but only when something is gained on the whole. I guess that’s really subjective.

    If you’re asking whether there are people whose faith I would leave alone and say nothing about, for fear of hurting them (knowing that their faith certainly won’t get them punished in the afterlife, and is a positive feature of their life), the answers is: absolutely.

  3. Cool thanks, I agree with that policy.

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