Please Stop Abusing these Four Words

EPIC – Homer’s Iliad is epic. Great symphonies are epic. Youtube videos that titillate you with jokes that aren’t funny are not epic. Please let this word recover from its injuries so that we can use it again.

FAIL – This is insufferable. It arises from a certain pride and enjoyment in the desecration of grammar. It arises from an inherent laziness and unwillingness to articulate one’s ideas or observations. Most importantly, it arises from a desire to make oneself feel good by laughing at the foolishness of others while failing to notice the plank in one’s own eye–a plank which, ironically, is composed precisely of the portrayals of oneself that one flings out into the open air by saying such things as “fail.”

WIN – The first two objections from “FAIL” +  implies the inability to find enjoyment in life through anything other than comparisons, competition and seeking things that derive their value solely from the opinions of the masses.

FACEPALM – Sarcastic expressions of incredulity benefit from dry wit and subtlety, not self-awareness, conformity, and the smell of trying too hard.

I will refrain from commenting on the fact that three of these four words are often used in concatenation.

Please be a part of the solution.

I’m aware that this has nothing to do with religion.


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