Have you ever noticed that strongly-entrenched opponents–on any subject–always have rebuttals to even the most damning evidence?

I used to think that if you made a convincing enough argument (and you were in the right), the other side would totally collapse, saying nothing in response. But I’ve come to accept that if people are strongly convinced of something, they will always have a rebuttal. If you’re desperate enough to believe them, it will sound convincing.

You can almost never rely on the other side collapsing and waving the white flag. How often does it ever happen that people produce no response to their opponent’s arguments? They must produce a response in order to continue on with their position. It’s never a question of whether one exists, but whether it’s any good.

I despair at the inability of people to concede false positions. I despair at their inability to accept the truth even when it hurts. If all of us are so good at lying to ourselves, what hope is there?


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