Honour and Integrity

I haven’t figured it out yet, but I wonder which parts of me had to do with my Christian faith, and which ones had to do with my personality.

I consider myself a “good” person. I try to search for something that transcends the selfishness and the crudeness of the world. I know that a great deal of the good things I’ve done have to do with my Christian background.

On the other hand, Christianity made me dislike and hate whole swaths of people because I thought they were evil. It also caused me to be lazy, and especially disinterested in accomplishing temporary, “worldly” things. There is a pronounced culture of laziness, forgiveness and “what does this matter anyway” amongst serious Christians, and in all honesty it makes sense. If Christianity is true then you really have no business caring about those things. (But then you have no business taking liberal advantage of the fruits of the labour of people who do care about these things, in my opinion).

I cannot figure out what kind of a person I would have been if I had been brought up secular. It is just impossible to fathom. Certainly I have a lot of depraved thoughts, even in this universe that I’m in, and I hope that I wouldn’t be following through on them all if I were someone else.

Perhaps this isn’t worth thinking about.


2 Responses to “Honour and Integrity”

  1. Being lazy and putting the majority of humanity in the out-group seems very universal. It seems like a reasonable reaction to an information/emotion overload problem. We are presented with way too many ideas and people (that all contradict each other) to make sense of it all.

    I think I recommended this blog once before but the latest article seems relevant to the above thought:

    Also check out the main page for an awesome video (trailer for the book) that is a great intro to the idea of the blog. I actually wish they would do all the posts like the video because the posts tend to be long winded.

    Anyway, my point is you would probably end up with a lot of the same traits had you grown up secular. However I do agree that, based on personal experience, Christianity equips one with some powerful self defense mechanisms against misery.

  2. I agree with you inasmuch as I sense a lot of things have more to do with personality and genes than people think.

    But I’m also not so sure. I feel like I know exactly the kind of person I would be if I were raised secular… he isn’t a villain, but he is different.

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