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Sacred Music

Posted in Faith Experience on September 30, 2011 by RWZero

Always made me feel like like there had to be something to it all…

It still does, at times.

The Hart House Chorus (which I have stayed in, despite feeling like too much of an alumni) finally put up a channel. I’ve been in it (as a bass) since 2008. When I listen to the recordings, I can still remember these precise days. I can remember the temperature in the room.

Lux Arumque – Eric Whitacre

Tribute to Caesar – Arvo Pärt

The Woman with the Alabaster Box – Arvo Pärt

There are few other things in life that have so absorbed me.



Posted in The Facts and Ideas on September 26, 2011 by RWZero

I think the mainstream reaction is to be cautious and semi-skeptical for the time being. But regardless of what the result turns out to be, I think someone needs to advise writers on the subject *not* to say things like this:

“Cosmology, the very way we think of space, would be forever altered. The distance to the stars and galaxies and the age of the universe (13.7 billion years) would be thrown in doubt. Even the expanding universe theory, the Big Bang theory, and black holes would have to be re-examined.”

Can we be a little more careful with our phrasing, here?

If an article-writing physicist sticks his head out of his hole and comments on a speeding neutrino, there will be 6 more decades of creationism.

Christian Music

Posted in Faith Experience on September 25, 2011 by RWZero

I dug up some of the old worship songs / Christian music that I used to listen to.

Some of it was almost too much to take–hearing it again.

And some of it even got me dancing around and mouthing the words (combined with a complicated feeling that I’m not sure I know how to describe). And I felt like I believed every word I was mouthing. There’s nothing to replace it.

That just goes to show you how potent this stuff is.


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I’m revising and cleaning up the 100 or so essays that I originally wrote for this. I’ll compile them and post them here.


I don’t know.

Circular Reasoning – Example 1

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“Well, We Don’t Know…”

Posted in Evangelism on September 10, 2011 by RWZero

How will God judge the billions of people who lived before Christianity? How will he judge the unevangelized, or Homo Erectus, or even… chimpanzees? Of course it helps if you just deny the existence of prehistoric people (creationism)… but the unevangelized certainly do exist. What do you really think is going to happen to them?

People who say “we don’t know” how God will judge sidestep the fact that someone either goes to heaven or hell, in Christianity. Saying “we don’t know” just means we don’t know whether a person goes to heaven or hell. It doesn’t actually mean “I don’t know.”

My argument is that there are only two cases (heaven, and hell) and in the case of many millions of people, either of these is ludicrous. Because you have a big gradient of clueless people who have no idea that Jesus is going to judge them eternally, and neither do they know what they are supposed to do aside from how their culture teaches them to behave (presumably they are judged by their actions and attitudes, unless you argue that all unevangelized people go to hell–I would probably just slap someone if they told me they believed this. I would actually slap them in the face. I mean, what’s a slap compared to eternity?)

If people are judged and sent to infinitely differing eternities, you have to split the people who lived in prehistoric times, and the people who live in ignorance, along a line that seems too fine to actually exist. Especially when a lot of them aren’t necessarily under the impression they’re going to be judged for an eternal destiny. Saying “we don’t know” doesn’t solve the problem because I submit to you that ANY of the combinations (that is, 2 to the power of N people under consideration) are unacceptable to any rational person.

Honour and Integrity

Posted in Faith Experience, The Narrow Path on September 4, 2011 by RWZero

I haven’t figured it out yet, but I wonder which parts of me had to do with my Christian faith, and which ones had to do with my personality.

I consider myself a “good” person. I try to search for something that transcends the selfishness and the crudeness of the world. I know that a great deal of the good things I’ve done have to do with my Christian background.

On the other hand, Christianity made me dislike and hate whole swaths of people because I thought they were evil. It also caused me to be lazy, and especially disinterested in accomplishing temporary, “worldly” things. There is a pronounced culture of laziness, forgiveness and “what does this matter anyway” amongst serious Christians, and in all honesty it makes sense. If Christianity is true then you really have no business caring about those things. (But then you have no business taking liberal advantage of the fruits of the labour of people who do care about these things, in my opinion).

I cannot figure out what kind of a person I would have been if I had been brought up secular. It is just impossible to fathom. Certainly I have a lot of depraved thoughts, even in this universe that I’m in, and I hope that I wouldn’t be following through on them all if I were someone else.

Perhaps this isn’t worth thinking about.