Conspiracy Theory

I first posted this as a comment on one of D’Ma’s posts, but it is an idea that I have been thinking about for some time.


I think one of the most frustrating things about the Christian perspective on “struggle” or “doubt” is that it really is a conspiracy theory, in every sense of the word.

The way to engineer a conspiracy mindset in someone else is to think of every rational reason why they might doubt or dismiss the conspiracy… and then warn them in advance that “this is what they want.” No other questions allowed: just a pure warning that “here’s what’s coming, and you have to stay true.”

Nothing accomplishes this better than the “you will be mocked and persecuted for following” tactic. You can legitimize anything in the world, no matter how crazy, with this tactic, because lo and behold: it comes true every time. Somehow, the fulfillment of this prophecy manages to impress the minds of the people involved. Furthermore, this is everyone’s dream. Everyone dreams of having a special purpose in life, and of fighting for the truth alongside a small minority–fighting for the truth against overwhelming opposition from the greater legions of evil people on all sides, who have weaker convictions, and have fallen prey to the lies and deceit of the enemy.


One Response to “Conspiracy Theory”

  1. You are very right about this. In fact, I’d say that all it takes is the implication that you’ll be “mocked and persecuted”. Because the Bible says Christians will be “hated” because Jesus was “hated” it becomes prophecy come true when it happens. The a person convinces themselves that the whole of Christianity is true based on the fact that this “came true”. The fact is, at least in moderate Christians are not mocked because they believe in Jesus. Fundamentalist Christians are mocked because they espouse such radical beliefs that they are “in your face” with and the only defense is a condemnation of those beliefs. Those condemnations are then perceived as mockery and persecution. Any disagreement with the fundamentalist worldview is deemed as such.

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