At some point I became concerned about UFO’s and began to read about them. I went from believing that they were just textbook cases of sensationalism and hysteria to believing that they were probably real. I fit this into my Christian worldview by resolving that they were of demonic origin–sent to lead humanity astray and into all sorts of strange UFO cult worship and quests for non-Christian enlightenment.

Well I don’t believe they’re demons anymore. That would be all kinds of unfair, if you think about it. But I’ve read too much about UFO’s to go back to believing they’re nothing.

Quite a pickle I’m in, on that issue.

I’ve become afraid to read any more about other absurd phenomena, lest I become convinced of them, and have to live with believing in them. And I’d lose the credibility and prestige that comes with saying “I don’t believe in that stuff,” which is a much more respectable thing to say these days.


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