Mom, Dad and the Youth Pastor

Some people can accept the meaning of the data, and others cannot.

I don’t think this was one of those things that only troubled me: I think that deep down, this was something that troubled most of us. I think that’s why we never talked about it.

“This data illustrates the importance of influencing children to consider making a decision to follow Christ.”


When I attempted to confront the author of this page and ask him what he thought it meant, or at least, how he would respond to the implications I saw in this, he became somewhat defensive, ultimately never answered me, and ended the e-mail exchange.


3 Responses to “Mom, Dad and the Youth Pastor”

  1. That quote unsettles me too. However I don’t know how I would explain why I think it’s wrong. How do I explain that requiring children aged 4-14 years to attend the public school system and learn its curriculum is right? Or perhaps more in the gray area would be the numerous unregulated lessons that parents teach their kids. Table manners, how to react to bullies, whether they should have a summer job, etc.

  2. Forgot to subscribe.

  3. My point isn’t so much that it’s wrong to influence children, but that the author failed to discern the implications of the data.

    He says “this data illustrates the importance of influencing children.” No. It illustrates something else that he will not accept.

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