Miracles and Healing

I’ve heard a bunch of miracle stories that involve the healing of cancer. I think I have to believe at least some of them… perhaps even most of them.

Now, there’s an atheist website (or campaign, whatever you want to call it) called “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?” When I first saw it, it was years ago, so naturally I was indignant. God won’t heal amputees because that would be… that would be demonstrably proving his existence, whereas it’s possible to doubt the healing of cancer? I had some strange rationalizations for it. The easiest answer is that God isn’t sticking his fingers into the universe, and that’s that.

But there really do seem to be these cases of people’s cancer (and other internal diseases) miraculously vanishing, with no medical explanation. However, the prayers and the timing of the healing do not always line up as neatly as people make it sound.

If they’re “miracles” caused by some intelligent force, then why do only very specific types of things get healed? Why are there very clear limits on the types of miracles that happen, just like there are limits on the types of… natural things that can happen?

But if they’re not “miracles,” and they’re some undiscovered super-placebo effect, or what not, then how do they happen? Shouldn’t someone be interested in figuring that out?


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