Looking into it

Some people tell me, upon my raising some point about the Bible, or the beginning of the world, that they “haven’t had time to look into it.” Then they tell me there isn’t time to know all these things, which is why there are experts.

Excuse me?

You have seen hundreds of movies. You can rattle off the lyrics to hundreds of songs. You have watched thousands of Internet videos of cats in funny positions. You have read Wikipedia articles on everything else in the world. On Saturday you played Settlers of Catan with your friends. The next day you had sushi, and a birthday party. You’ve gone camping. You’ve traveled to foreign countries. You’ve read thick fantasy books, learned about medieval times, gone to Wonderland, and practiced an instrument to a high level of proficiency. You have plans, plans and more plans for fun times, fun times and more fun times. But you haven’t had time to look into the things that you’ve based your entire life on–to learn all the basic facts about them.

Yeah, right. You have had more than enough time to look into everything. There are only two possibilities: you don’t care to, or you’re afraid to.


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