Deity for a Day

I do not want to turn this into a steady trickle of complaints about Christians and Christianity, since I do not think that is (necessarily) helpful, but there are some things that bothered and confused me even many years into the past, and I just see now as a good time to express them.

Why is it that people who pray to the Christian God portray him as more whimsical, less reasonable, and just plain more childish than the best of us human adults, who he is supposed to have created?

I can recall many times thinking “Oh no, if I behave in such and such a way, God might…” or “I hope God won’t judge me too harshly for…” or “I’m afraid that God is going to…” or “I understand, God was just trying to tell me that…” but this is just insane. God is supposed to know your mind inside out; he is supposed to be the omnipotent and all-powerful Creator, and Christians play mind games with him like he’s a spoiled teenager who has been granted the throne of the emperor for a day (and while he’s up there, we have to play his way). There are a lot of humans on earth who are far more reasonable, intelligent, sincere and straightforward than the day-to-day portrayals of the Christian God. Is it really a coincidence that these portrayals come from whimsical, and often unreasonable, people?

Why so many utterances of “we can’t understand his ways,” followed by detailed explanations and lectures on his ways?

Why is God is never any smarter than the person who is talking about him?


5 Responses to “Deity for a Day”

  1. “Why is God is never any smarter than the person who is talking about him?”

    The person speaking about him can’t comprehend nor convey a God any more complex than their own intelligence.

  2. But why not? Why couldn’t God reveal something about himself to that person, that that person couldn’t have come up with?

  3. Ah, now I understand your question. I don’t have an answer, but I understand it.

    The three hypothesis I can hazard are 1)there is no God or 2)He doesn’t care to or 3)God isn’t who/what we think God is.

  4. Yeah, those are the possibilities I was raising. But I’d be curious to hear what someone would say who believes they are, indeed, getting direct feedback.

  5. I wish I could help. I’ve come to the conclusion that on those occasions I thought I was getting direct feedback it was only my own voice reverberating in my head.

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