Paradox (Logic)

When atheists raise a sound logical argument against Christianity, it’s often pointed out that one can’t reason one’s way to God. It’s not up here (points at the head), it’s down here (points at the heart). You have to have some faith. This business of wanting everything to make logical sense, to be provable, to be based on sufficient evidence, is borderline sinful.

But when the atheists make bad arguments, they are accused of being illogical. The only way they could possibly deny the sound arguments for Christianity is because they have ulterior motives. The heavens, the Bible, and history clearly point to God–it is laid out for all to see.

Pick and stick, guys. I want to know. Are we allowed to base our conclusions on reasoned arguments, or not? If we are, then there can be no demanding pure faith in the face of serious objections. If not, then there can be no William Lane Craig apologetics. Right now, there exist both.


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