“We all Deserve Hell”

That’s what they would always say when the question came up as to how a loving God could send people to Hell. We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and as such, we all deserve Hell. It’s really lucky that God chose to save us, though, because he didn’t have to.

So Jack and Jill go on their merry way, thanking God for sparing them the eternal conscious torment that they deserved. Then they fall in love, and decide to have a child, because that’s what people do. They name her Jane. When Jane is old enough, they explain to her that she deserves to suffer eternal torment for falling short of God’s standards. But if she accepts the Lord, she can be spared this terrible fate. Jane decides to accept the Lord, and cannot believe how nice it was of God to keep her out of hell.

Jane meets a nice Christian boy named Jason. After a few years of nice Christian marriage, they decide that it would be nice to have a child around the house. They name him Joe. When Joe is old enough, they explain to him that (unfortunately) he is a sinful creature who deserves to burn in hell for all eternity, but if he accepts God’s gracious forgiveness for all his sin, he can avoid this terrible fate. But he doesn’t. He stops going to church, and decides to become a career man who doesn’t really believe in God.  Jane and Jason are mortified. They pray and pray that Joe will change his mind, so that he will not be tormented forever.

To me, it seems pretty simple. To wake up in the morning, butter your toast, hold down a steady job, cheer for your favourite sports team, talk with co-workers around the water cooler, and maintain that kind of a theology, your thinking has to be seriously compartmentalized.

But to hold that kind of theology and intentionally have biological children of your own, you have to be utterly sick.


7 Responses to ““We all Deserve Hell””

  1. You are absolutely right. Part of what got me started REALLY thinking about what I believe and my theology was beginning to think about having children. What would I teach them? How would I present Jesus? Would I tell my five year old all about hell and scare him/her into salvation? In the end I just couldn’t do it. That’s not what a loving parent does to their children.

    As I really began to examine what I believed about hell it became more like a gun to my head. God saying, “Love me or else!”. Those same people that say we were born deserving hell also say that God sends no one there. We choose hell by rejecting him. Bang!

  2. Quite the opposite from thinking they might be “destined for hell”, I sometimes wonder that (if i ever have children) I might be too terrified to bring them into the world, for fear of them having to experience my oft felt exitential angst when I ponder that there might be no god or life beond this. If, after all, this life is all there is, the words of freddie mercury ring hopelessly true ” I don’t wanna die, sometimes i wish I’d never been born at all”..

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, he said it. Not me.

  4. another cryptic reply.. I’m confused. I’m not saying that the “everyone goes to hell” option is palatable, just that either option has its own “widerwaetigkeit”

  5. That was my way of implicitly agreeing with you.

  6. I understand your comment. I just heard a pretty powerful argument and would like you to check it out. Please tell me what you think. If you think I’m nuts or if that in anyway changed your opinion. Its only about 20min long very short listen. Anways love to hear back from you glad i stumbled on your blog.

    (if doesnt work)
    [audio src="http://www.spiritlessons.com/Documents/BillWise_AllTracks.mp3" /]


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