Praying for Stupid Things

Lookie here,

I realize that you have schoolwork, professional work, job interviews, deadlines, parking tickets, and a dull ache in your hip that is almost certainly temporary. I’ve noticed that a lot of you pray about these things quite a bit. But I’ve also noticed something else.

I’ve noticed that in the past 24 hours, a large number of people have died. Others have been raped, tortured, shot with automatic weapons, and had various parts of their body separated from the part of their body that their head is attached to. Some of them appear to be prayerful.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that the majority of the population–who, in spite of whatever religion they may mark down on the census, do not seem to pray about these things–recover from their minor injuries, pay their parking tickets, meet their deadlines, and succeed at their job interviews, with about exactly the same rates of success as the people who pray.

The bus will come when it comes, your stubbed toe will heal when it heals, and you will get the job if your interviewers liked you (not if God likes you more than the other praying candidate).

You are being ridiculous.


9 Responses to “Praying for Stupid Things”

  1. Amen and amen!

  2. I was always curious about this. What would you say if you had to argue for the other side?

  3. Well… I would say: “since God cares about people, he must care about all the little details too, and just because you’re praying for something doesn’t mean you expect the chances of it happening to go up by some slight probability; rather, you’re demonstrating that you trust God with everything in your life, yadayadayada.”

    If I had to defend praying for interviews and competetive things… I suppose I would say: “I feel that this is what God is calling me to do” and add some reason why the job would be good for Godly reasons.

    If I had to defend praying that the bus would hurry up and come, or just generally praying for things that you want because you want pleasure and an easy life, I would say “Well, God’s always there, isn’t he? It can’t hurt to tell him how you feel. He wants you to express yourself.”

  4. just stumbled on this blog today. it’s great to find another one who has an evangelical background and is wary of alot of it, who is in the UK and has a fondness for all things deutsch.
    nice one.

  5. Thank you (although I am actually Canadian, and “wary” would probably be quite an understatement at this point).

  6. sorry bout the uk bit..
    fair enough on the “wary” too 😉 I’m hyper-disturbed by it, to be honest.
    I’m not prepared to go and throw the whole christian thing out though – but working out what bits I need to change, reject, discover (for the first time in some cases, given that evangelicalism pretty much exposed me to only a very narrow part of the faith tradition) etc…

  7. Good luck.

    If you ever do come to the point where you feel you have to throw it all away… well… you can still come here and join the United Church of Canada.

  8. um, ok… thanks… huh?

  9. Nevermind.

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