It is not uncommon for a Christian to pray through life, beseeching God for safe passage through the dangers, toils and snares, only to suffer some catastrophic incident (though benign by global and historical standards) that shakes everything to the core. It is neither uncommon, at this point, for this person to question the goodness, and even the existence of God.

The question has not changed. The question was always simply this: for what reason do people suffer? But this is not the question that the fragile Christian has been asking, and answering, up until this point. He, or she, has only asked why God allows other people to suffer.

In the past decade, the Internet has come of age. It is now possible for anyone living in an industrialized nation, in the span of mere seconds, to cast a sweeping gaze across the whole of human history. Prior to this revolution, bookstores and libraries were stocked to the brim with the past and the present. You can see for yourself what is, and what always has been, the story of a typical human life. There is no excuse for ignoring it.


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