Note to Evangelicals

I have to say this.

Dear Evangelicals; I am extremely familiar with a certain interpretation that is given to people’s unbelief. It goes something like “they disbelieve so that they can do whatever they want,” or, “they want to escape a responsibility to God.” I wanted to take a moment to say how wrong you are, and have always been, about this.

A) Do what, exactly? I see only two things in this culture that the general population indulges, but that you abstain from: noncommital sex, and drugs. And most of the evangelicals I’ve met have already outdone me in the sex and drugs department. You should realize that there is pretty much nothing to be gained by becoming a godless libertine.

B) What responsibility, exactly? I don’t see you imposing anything unusual on yourselves whatsoever. Attending church counts for nothing, and the limited charitable actions you engage in are often inferior to those of the hipsters in Kensington Market.

C) You have to be absolutely insane to think that anyone having a moderately developed intellect would willingly give up the possibility of eternal life and a relationship with the creator of the world for some extra sex, drugs, and saved charity money.


5 Responses to “Note to Evangelicals”

  1. My reasons for doubting have absolutely nothing to do with wanting to indulge in “sin” or somehow “escape responsibility to God”. It is my observation that fundamentalist evangelicals are the ones escaping responsibility. I can speak for myself in that not having a “safety net” I’ve taken greater responsibility. All responsibility for my impact on my community and others rests squarely on my shoulders. I’m now responsible to do more than “pray” about a matter. I must actually make the decision to act on it.

    I have no desire whatsoever to go out and party all night, get drunk, get high, or have sex with various and sundry strangers. And I might add that since leaning more toward agnosticism I find it easier to relate to others. I no longer feel the need to judge them and I have much greater empathy and love for people in general.

  2. Ditto your thoughts and Dma, particularly as a mom of young kids. The world scares me, and the church’s values are an attractive safety net for my kids. I have no desire to leave this values. I guess I take comfort that I will be raising my kids to not link moral values to Christianity, so if and when they question the latter, they wont feel the need to rebel by abandoning the former. My questioning is absolutely unrelated to morality and ethics. It is easy to moderate one’s moral behavior. Modifying one’s brain, that is another matter!

  3. Molech themed BBQs were the final clincher for me.

  4. Comment 1 – Female
    Comment 2 – Female
    Comment 3 – Male

  5. Mea culpa; semper cogitans cum penis. Wow, I did it again and totally gave my away. I would like to offer the disclaimer that not all views expressed by myself are necessarily held by all penises. I mean men. Mean men. Men like meat. Mmmm, baby back ribs.

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