I will henceforth write a limited and self-censored trickle of thoughts that have lately been occupying the whole of my mind. It is not a secret that they are largely derivative of the topic[s] that originally began this writing project. They are mostly unpleasant. Some of the sentiments expressed may inevitably be regarded as arrogant, under the presumption that they were written in a societal mindset with the intent of conveying upon oneself the appearance of perspicuity or intelligence. This presumption is true in most cases, and has been true of most of my own behaviour throughout most of my life. Such behaviour is perhaps necessary to win friends, influence people, attract girls, maintain necessary levels of self-esteem, love and be loved. But it does not apply here.


2 Responses to “Segue”

  1. “Such behaviour is perhaps necessary to win friends, influence people, attract girls, maintain necessary levels of self-esteem, love and be loved.”

    My assumption has always been that trying to look perspicuous or intelligent (regardless of whether one succeeds) is a terrible method of accomplishing those things. The only times it seems to work to those ends is if the person(s) I’m speaking to already share my viewpoint.

    Anyway…are you saying that in upcoming posts you won’t be trying for any of those things?

    Do you have an entry describing why you blog? If not I’d be interested in hearing about it.

  2. I think you say that because you are imagining that awkward scenario in which you are actually aware of your own efforts, or are overdoing it. But the rest of the time, you are still doing this. Every conversation you have ever had could have been conducted much more crudely, and much more diffidently. And if people consistently regarded you as a fool for the way you present your ideas, you would change it.

    People do indeed like you because they think you are relatively intelligent and insightful. And they think this because you succeeding in conveying this to them, not wholly accidentally.

    My point is that we express many of our ideas so that other people will think certain thoughts about us (and so that we will feel good about being someone who holds such ideas). We think that the ideas are good, and that it is good to spread them. This motivates me to write about certain ideas, but not about others. I am motivated to write about some ideas simply because to *not* write about them is isolating and frustrating, whereas it might be perceived that I am writing about them in order to convince other people to accept my values / monkey with their perceptions of me.

    I don’t really blog. This was originally intended to be a little book (so was/is my other blog). I write in blogs because the ideas were itemized, and blogging is conducive to that format. It is also easier to write and post one piece at a time, than to write the entire thing before someone reads it. My purpose in writing all those notes / blog entries that you see elsewhere is primarily as described above: I think they’re neat ideas, I want other people to read them and perhaps have their lives slightly enriched, and I want them to think I’m a neat person for writing them. Standard stuff.

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