I have a smattering of observations about a smattering of recurring themes among a certain subset of the population.

“Iron-Age Mythology.”

Well. I dare say that a religious tradition that runs back into human history will seem more credible to people than one that is recently invented.

Rationality! Reason! Reality! Science! Superstition!

Considering that the use of these words is often completely unnecessary, I entreat their users to stop puffing up their chests, fanning their tails, and massaging each other’s sensitive areas. The most rational thing to do is to convince the other person of what you are saying, rather than bolster your self-esteem and group identity through the use of buzz words. Most of the major decisions you and I make in life are not rational or based upon reason, you have no idea what reality is, you only know a tiny little bit of science in relation to the whole body of knowledge, and the word “superstition” should rather be reserved for beliefs of a far more credulous in nature than those concerning our very existence. Calm down.


If the entire world were populated with atheists, and belief in God were surgically erased from history, this word would not exist. Atheism is not a religion, and does not imply any particular set of beliefs, values, or metaphysical assumptions. Ask yourself what yours are, where they came from, why you have them, and why so many other people do not share them.


It undoubtedly makes one feel good to explain the perceptions of others as delusions. Perhaps they are.

But notice that every day, you wake up in a world filled with billions of people, under the impression that you have a solid grasp on reality. Stop one single stranger on the street, and search out all their strongly-felt opinions about everything in the world. Notice how many things you disagree on. Notice that they generally do not succeed in changing your mind about anything, and that in those matters upon which you disagree, you are content to respect the other person’s opinion while retaining your own view. Notice that some people suggest that “the beauty of it all” is that so many different people have so many radically different opinions, but that these people nonetheless have their own. Notice that every day you see thousands of people, objects, and events, and that you have a perception of the significance of these things that is completely unique to you. Yet you are very comfortable with this. Odd, isnt it?


“If there were no God, I would just go around killing people. Why not?”

“Whoa! That’s unbelievable! Well, I guess it’s a good thing that you have your religion keeping you in check. The rest of us don’t need a God looking over our shoulder to be moral.”

This exchange occurs often. More often than one might expect.

Think harder about this.

Rationality, Reason, Reality, ScienceAthe

One Response to “Remarks”

  1. I must respectfully agree with most of this, and regret that I have nothing contentious or insightful to say to add to the conversation. What I can say is that it has been interesting to observe the gestation and birth of ideas, here.

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