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Posted in The Narrow Path on October 24, 2010 by RWZero

It seems to me that a man standing in front of people at church will often build some form of tension in the room. The tension is due to the anticipation of some constraint or expectation that may have implications for the listeners’ lives. All at once, this tension is relieved, and the listeners are given implicit permission by the man to continue on with their lives as they are. Content to have been made slightly uncomfortable, they approve of the man, and continue to pay his salary.

It all seems like an awful waste of time.


Complaints Filed with the Invisible God

Posted in The Facts and Ideas, The Narrow Path on October 16, 2010 by RWZero

I should draw attention to a particular feature of various objections to the existence of God. That being, that they are primarily reformulations of the singular objection that one should not believe in a God who cannot be proven to exist.

It is not my intent to rebut these arguments, nor to trivialize them by pointing out that they are all the same. There is, however, some deception involved in asking why bad things happen to good people, why prayers go unanswered, why God does not heal amputees, and so forth. The one who asks such questions is not interested in good things that happen to good people, prayers that appear to have been answered, or people who appear to have been healed of incurable illnesses. He is interested in pointing out, in varied and dramatic fashion, that there is no absolute proof of God’s existence.

The significance of this is that one serious question corresponds to one serious problem. Someone who has merely believed in God has made a single leap across one chasm–not a thousand vaults over a thousand arbitrary gulfs.

The Rub of it All

Posted in Faith Experience, The Facts and Ideas on October 10, 2010 by RWZero

Between Heaven and Hell

Given my affinity for well-structured reasoning, it drives me to despair, in many respects, to recognize that I cannot close such a well-structured loop around the human experience–and by this, I refer to absolutely everything. Some would say that this is a good thing, and that only people such as myself despair at it. I have not figured out if they are right.

There is a tendency to collapse statements, insights, and beliefs into their pithy equivalents. Someone who talks at length around the edge of a subject is seen to be equivocating. But I have decided that this is a dangerous way of looking at things. Everything that we consider true, objectively or experientially,  reduces to absolutely nothing if it is pressed rigorously. It is not often considered that the very truth of a matter may have some inextricable link to the manner in which it sinks into the consciousness, or a lack of definite conclusions. I am not naturally inclined to think this way; it hurts me. But I am beginning to think that there is no alternative to assuming that the truth floats somewhere between the incipient shape of an idea, and its ultimate conclusions down in the pit of high-entropy thought, from which nothing can escape.


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There is an order of operations to atheistic diatribe. Religion is deconstructed, God is argued unnecessary, and mysterious elements that give rise to religion are described as things that are better left mysterious. Finally, it is argued that we can be moral, satisfied beings without God.

Why does everyone conveniently arrive at the latter conclusion? It has nothing to do with atheism. In fact, it sounds a great deal like an a paid advertisement.

I would like atheists to consider the possibility that they are right, and that because they are right, the eventual fate of the human race is destruction and suicide in the face of a global intellectual awakening to an ultimately meaningless and amoral existence.

I see nothing inconsistent about this idea, and I see no God to make a rule that it should not be so. I see no logical reason why this should not be a convergent inevitability–an intrinsic property of the system. Yet it is never considered as a real possibility by anyone.