I wanted to write this down somewhere, lest I forget.

I have felt great tension between religious belief and the mystery of existence. It does not seem to me that definite statements about the meaning of life, the qualities of God are compatible with the wonder the one experiences when searching out the silent and shocking peculiarities of the universe. The more “devoutly” Christian the person is, the less he or she seems fascinated with all these things. Everything is already explained, inasmuch as we could wish to explain it. “This is why we are here, and that is what will happen when we die.” Well, what’s the point, if it’s that simple? Why not just skip to the end? Why search the farthest regions of space if there is nothing worth finding out there? What excitement can arise from plumbing the depths of reality if we do not expect to discover anything important that we do not already know?

But we do discover things that we didn’t know, and they have often been profound. We do come across exciting things by the glow of the full moon. There is something to revel in, because we actually don’t know anything more than we did before.

To anyone who has experienced this tension, or who has criticized religion because of it (and only to these people) I would like to profess my belief that God is not an explanation. God may be a solution, a relationship, an interpretation, or a point of reference, but he has never been an explanation. The playground is still open for those of us who enjoy it, and there is lots of room to stretch down here.

In reflection upon my recent musings on God’s invisibility: if there were no God, you would never have the option of living in his presence. If there were, however, it would be possible to live in his presence, and it would also be possible to live (just as we do now) in a world where he is not obvious to the senses; where such deep perceptions of freedom, intrigue, awe, fear and wonder exist. It’s such a beautiful thing that I don’t see any way it could be omitted from the Syllabus of Being. At this precise moment, I’m glad that it’s happening.

There’s a time for everything, and right now, I’m alive.


One Response to “Mystery”

  1. Hmm. On a very fundamental level, I simply don’t understand people who don’t feel like this, and it grieves me to no end that this seems to place me in a significant minority.

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