The Condition of Mood

Whereby One May not Feel like Writing a Tag Line

I may find myself in a certain mood. Then, I may reflect that some of my judgements are influenced by this mood. I am not entirely at peace with this, knowing that decisions I felt were sound may have had their origins in something entirely subjective. Eventually, I realized the truth—that I am always in a mood; that some things fade in and out of reasonability in perfect time with the waves of my experience.

Making a decision that lasts beyond the duration of a mood requires the whole of a person. It requires the aggregate sum of all past experience, all available reason, and the anticipation of possible or future experience. These are the things that have the capacity to last.

I cannot go from day to day dismissing what merely seems ridiculous, and accepting what merely seems sound. In those matters where reason—acting upon the axioms shared by even the most dissimilar of reasonable people—cannot carry me through, I should make decisions that last. I should feel no compunction about this.


One Response to “The Condition of Mood”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    “Avoid making irrevocable decisions whilst tired or hungry” ~quote on a mug somebody gave me for Christmas

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