Using the Worst Examples for 6000 Years

Dear, Believers in Young-Earth Creationism (YEC):

I am writing to make simple request of you. Nay, I implore you. When defending your position, I would very much like it if you would not use examples in view of the general public that have some exceedingly obvious silliness to them. It looks bad on me. I defend you guys as being generally sane people who have reasons for what you believe, and I feel that I deserve better. It’s like being Canadian and having the hydraulics fail during the opening Olympic ceremony. For instance, two particular ones have been rolling around in the back of my mind for the past week, and I thought I might draw your attention to them.

Ray Comfort’s Banana Example

I once came across a video of a man named Ray Comfort explaining that bananas are evidence of God’s existence because they are excellently designed for human consumption. The biggest problem with Ray Comfort’s banana example is not that these bananas are the result of human cultivation (although this does happen to be the case), but that the average person associates bananas with monkeys. The whole point of creationism is to avoid drawing obvious connections between humans and monkeys.

Please pick another fruit next time.

Focus on the Family’s Orchard

In an article on a particular website associated with Focus on the Family, the author once conceded that there may have been some modification of species with time. It wouldn’t be like Darwin’s tree, of course (and there was a diagram just like this)…

… because that’s evolution. But maybe creatures don’t have to be exactly the same as they were at creation. Assuming that everything began only thousands of years ago, there may have been enough change for an “orchard” interpretation (and there was a diagram just like this)…

I took a good look at these diagrams, guys, and the whole time, I could only think one thing.

Please pick another diagram next time.


2 Responses to “Creationism”

  1. *hearty chuckle*

  2. Ben Mordecai Says:

    Ahem. Good points.

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