The Lord’s House of Cards

To be Led Astray

It is impossible for me to forget the certainty of some preachers. I have never seen any such thing on anyone else’s face, nor heard it in anyone else’s voice. It is more surety than I have of even the simple things in my own life.

It is impossible for me to forget the discovery of their errors and omissions. I know now that it is possible for men, so impassioned, to speak absolute falsehoods—and to do so unawares. They speak of their falsehoods in the same manner as they speak of truths that I still lay claim to. They have stained the idea that ideas, themselves, may be sacrosanct; demonstrated that they are privy to no sacred revelation that transcends their own thinking.

I can never again draw a mite of comfort from the emotional certainty of others.


2 Responses to “The Lord’s House of Cards”

  1. And yet, that verse about God spewing out the lukewarm Christians haunts me.

  2. Oh, yes. Did I forget that part? Hmm… maybe I didn’t forget it at all.

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