About What?

“There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

I knew about these ads in Britain; I saw Richard Dawkins posing for a photograph in front of one (with balloons, no less). Today, I finally saw one on the TTC.

I understand why they couldn’t just write “there’s probably no God.” There has to be a bag of treats in it for the reader. So they’re offering me a worry-free life.

But next to public speaking, death is the most common number-one fear. Who’s responsible for that statistic?


Besides, atheist bus–it won’t do any good to offer me the self-indulgence that security made me check at the door. I’ve been here a while, and it’s probably gotten quite mouldy and smelly inside that little plastic bag.


2 Responses to “About What?”

  1. The most interesting thing here is that they’ve equated the existence of God with worry. For me the opposite tends to be true.

  2. Well yes, I mean to imply as much. I grant that there can be some “worry” involved, in the sense that it inspires certain restraints–to which I give the remark under the dashed line.

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